Blue Cavansite balls with Stilbite on Heulandite #E14


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Cavansite – This mineral has been used to stimulate the intuition, to instill second-sight, and to activate channeling abilities. It is an excellent stone for psychic healing and to provide protection during the same such that the disease will not have the ability to return.

Heulandite is a mineral which may be used to take one back to the ancient civilizations of Atlantis/Lemuria where transfer of ancient information concerning traditions, techniques and standards would be facilitated. It helps one to dimish those ideas and conditions which are distressing, allowing one to release the bonds of custom, privilege, condescension, conceit, and jealousy.

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Cavansite is a stone of transition through major life changes. It aids you to let go of faulty thinking and be comfortable in the knowledge of your actions.

It has a lovely heart felt energy, that is excellent to use in meditation.

It helps you to make sense of previous experiences, or life lessons that you may have had difficulty with in the past, and to optimistically and happily deal it.

It aids your ability to connect with spirit and is a highly useful stone for those in psychic employment.

It has also been used in the treatment of disorders of the eye, the teeth, and the blood. It can be used to assist in the release of endorphins, to promote healing at the cellular level and to stabilize the pulse rate.

Heulandite can be used in the dispersion of growths and to enhance weight loss.

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