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Gargoti, The Mineral Museum, under the leadership of K.C.Pandey has been working consistently to conserve the neglected Natural Mineral Wealth & Creations of Mother India mainly coming from the Deccan Plateau.

It’s a matter of immense concern that not even 1% of these magnificent Natural Minerals/Crystals/Zeolites can be procured due to lack of knowledge about these minerals to the miners, government as well as to the common population of India.

Thus, initiating towards the cause of awareness K.C.Pandey in his private capacity has taken up the charge of setting up a chain of Museums & Galleries to conserve & display Zeolites, Minerals, Crystals, Fossils & Gem Stones from India & around the World with the prime motive of educating the population of India about these hidden & neglected but magnificent creations of Mother Nature.


What are minerals?

A mineral is determined by clear chemical composition (formula) & it must be of a natural origin.

Artificial glass is not natural nor crystallized and therefore not a mineral.

Most of the minerals are originated from the melt of hot and liquid magma or from primary/secondary hydrothermal solution. If minerals are growing out of a melt surrounded by other minerals without any free space, the crystals will normally not show perfect shape and a good surface, like the quartz “grains” in granite.

The minerals from the Deccan are distinct because of their quality, sizes
and wide range of shapes, forms, color combinations with other associated minerals.

It is pertinent to mention that there are no special quarries or mines operated for excavating these minerals, as they are a bi-products (accidental finds) of quarrying/mining done for black rocks (crushers)


The Man Behind Gargoti:

Krishna Chandra Pandey, is the visionary who dedicated his life in getting Indian Minerals & Zeolites the recognition they deserve. Born in 1960 in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, to a very humble family, his family struggled with the loss of his father at the tender age of 6. Living his life with a high patriotic fervor K.C.Pandey joined The Indian Navy as a direct entry and was later trained as a Naval Engineer (Aeronautical).

During his Naval postings in Maharashtra, he started collecting Zeolites & Minerals from the crusher quarries operating near his posts. Retiring from The Indian Navy in 1993, K.C.Pandey transformed his Mineral & Zeolite collecting hobby into a full time business under his flagship export company Superb Minerals India which emerged as the biggest dealer/exporter of Indian Zeolites & Minerals in the world. Following the success of his business K.C.Pandey also gave India its first & the only Gem & Mineral Museum named “Gargoti, The Mineral Museum” in Nasik which he dedicates to “Mother India”.

K.C.Pandey aslo served as a Trustee of Shree Sai Baba Sansthan, Shirdi for 8 years.


  1. Natural Indian Zeolite Minerals & Crystals
  2. Natural Gems Stones
  3. Natural Precious/Semi-Precious Stones
  4. Naturals Precious/Semi-Precious Metals
  5. Fossils
  6. Stone Handicrafts (Statues)


  1. Gargoti Museum is India’s one & only Gem & Mineral Museum
  2. It is the world’s biggest “Private” Gem & Mineral Museum
  3. Gargoti Museum houses the largest & the finest collection of Indian Zeolite Minerals & Crystals in the world.
Adding yet another feather to its cap and lending more muscle to their endeavour, Gargoti Mineral Museum has also been curating “National Design Gallery & Museum” in the heart of the Indian capital of New Delhi which was established in collaboration with the Handicraft & Textile Ministry of The Government of India (PPP association model), and has been running successfully for the past 9 years now. This endeavour sought to magnify and display priceless assets from India’s rich heritage in its national capital, brimming with immense patriotic fervour.