“Upcoming” Gargoti Natural History Museum, Shirdi

Gargoti Museums is all set to launch its biggest project of Natural History Museum till date in The Holy Town of Shirdi, Ahmednagar.Shirdi also happens to be the most visited tourist town in Maharashtra because of the Holy Shrine of Shri. Sai Baba.

The Upcoming Gargoti Natural History Museum will be spread over a 9 acre prime property in Shirdi. In extension to the regular attractions at Gargoti Museums, this Museum would have multiple attractions for visitors in terms of Knowledge, Entertainment, Leisure, Relaxation & Shopping.

The Gargoti Natural History Museum, Shirdi would be the biggest in the Asian Continent & the largest Private Natural History Museum in the world.

Bharat Mata

about-pg-featureimg-bharatThe Gargoti Natural History Museum will be a tribute to Mother Earth and Nature. Taking forward the legacy from our existing Gargoti Museum in Nashik, we will be having a towering statue of Mother Earth at the entrance lobby. The treasures of Mother Earth can be seen in the “Mineral Gallery” in the form of natural enchanting & exquisite crystals. These treasures can’t be ignored in the efforts to show our country’s richness and this statue will be the icon for her children(people) to feel proud.

Dinosaur Park

This area will feature the rare & gigantic, 100% originally restored Apatosaurus Dinosaur Skeleton (25 meters long pose). The concept of this Dinosaur display will take the visitors back to the dinosaur era, the display will also consist of multiple realistic Dinosaur sculptures of different breeds. We also plan to have continuous audio visual shows about extinct species in this area.

Mineral Gallery

The Mineral Gallery can be also referred as the crystal gallery. This is going to be the core of our Gargoti Natural History Museum. This section of the Museum will be the highlight for every visitor, right from the first time visitors to renowned mineral collectors and dealers from around the world. The Mineral Gallery will house nature’s mineralogical wonders, including world-class mineral specimens(Crystals) from India & around the world, fluorescent minerals, special gems & precious metals, all in natural & untouched form. The Gallery’s attraction will also include astounding moon and mars rocks, and will be the home to largest crystals ever found.

Shopping Arcade

The Shopping Arcade at Gargoti Natural History Museum would provide the visitors with the rare opportunity to shop around a whole arcade which will be dedicated to stones and crystals in natural and also processed forms. This arcade will be divided into 4 sections

  1. Natural and untouched crystals
  2. Jewelries made out of precious and semi-precious stones
  3. Statues carved out of rare crystals
  4. Handicrafts made by skilled artisans out of crystals

This section will be designed in a unique way to cater clientele fromm all sections of the society i.e. from small layman buyers to renowned collectors and enthusiasts. The Shopping Arcade will have a special section solely dedicated to home and corporate decors.


Gargoti Natural History Museum in order to be a complete entertainment and educational center plans to have an auditorium which would have a 5D theatre where it will run continuous shows based on different scientific and historic facts of our universe. The Auditorium will also have a section which would play Laser shows on different themes such as “The life of Sai Baba” and other masterpieces of the Laser Technology.

Science on Sphere

Science on Sphere is another unique concept that Gargoti plans to bring first time in India. this technology will work wonders in educating not only children but also the adults in a whole new way of technology. Science on Sphere is a vivid portrait of our vibrant planet. A globe two meters in diameter suspended on a central axis will appear to float in space as it presents an internally projected video program showing not only earth’s continents and oceans in brilliant detail, but also a wide selection of phenomena and processes, including ocean currents and temperatures, storms, earthquakes, earth lights at night, and more. Additional projected options allow the globe to simulate the Moon, other planets and even the Sun.

Food Court

Considering the large strength of visitors at the Museum due to Shirdi being a holy tourist destination, Gargoti plans to have a Food court which will consist of number of food chain vendors at one central location. These vendors would include brands such as McDoalds, Cafe Coffee Day, Barista, etc.

Private Exhibits

Inlike the Indian market which is still unaware of the uniqueness and rarity of minerals and crystals, there are huge collectors and dealers lobby of these minerals in the west. The glamour of these minerals and crystals is rapidly spreading in Asia as well. Thus, Gargoti will have a special exhibit for the collectors, connoisseurs, museums, corporates and VIPs, which will showcase our best and top quality specimens of crystals from India and around the world along with the rare and unique masterpieces from the world of Indian Handicrafts such as statues, jewelries and artifacts carved out of precious and semi-precious stones such as Quartz, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Jade, Green Aventurine etc. The intention to have this gallery is to cater the high end professionals, corporates and institutions who understand the worth and quality of these magical stones/crystals/minerals.

Holistic Healings, Medical Counters etc.

Expert consultant for Birth stones, Feng Shui, Vastu, Holistic Spa, Meditation centre, Healing Treatments from Crystal’s Metaphysical powers and other Ayurvedic Natural therapies (Outsourcing of the best operators in respective field of “Naturopathy and holistic Healings”).

Proposed Gargoti Natural History Museum, Shirdi